PUBG Corporation (PUBG) is the game developer and publisher behind PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, a multiplayer online battle royale game. From the beginning, PUBG is using cloud services provided by AWS so that it can easily manage the increasing growth of users and handle future complications while making the game Interesting & creating Updates would come easy.

At the beginning of PUBG, they were not facing any such big complications but as the game become vast and users increase it becomes harder for them to manage the large database and extracting the useful information from it as it was very slow so they need some robust and secure infrastructure.

Working with AWS Enterprise Support and using Amazon Infrastructure Event Management (IEM), PUBG developed a greater understanding of optimal storage and database patterns for its real-time online multiplayer game and ultimately chose a scalable solution using Amazon DynamoDB and Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3).

AWS Infrastructure Event Management (IEM) provides architecture, scaling guidance and operational support at the time of the preparation and execution of planned events, such as shopping holidays, product launches, and migrations. For such events, AWS IEM will help you assess operational readiness, identify and mitigate risks, and execute your event confidently with AWS experts by your side. The program is included in the Enterprise Support plan and is available to Business Support customers for an additional fee.

How it works ?

By all these talks with AWS, PUBG was able to get better understanding of internal working of S3 & DynamoDB & thus have best transfer method through discussions with them.

PUBG said that for transferring, in the it took them only 1/5 time they initially expected without facing any issues they were able to start their services thus having no loss in customers.

Like PUBG, AWS is used in many different places and made the hectic work of companies as much easy as possible.

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